NOS-HS Workshop 1

NOS-HS Workshop 1

NOS-HS Workshop series

  • "Extending Realities: Pioneering Immersive Technologies in Transdisciplinary Research"
  • Funded by The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS) Nordic Workshop grant 2020-2021

Principal investigator

  • Roger Norum, Oulu University

First Workshop

  • "Data Practices: Methodologies for Collecting, Analyzing and Rendering In Situ Multimedia Information"

Location and Dates

  • CREATE, Rendsburggade 14, Aalborg University
  • August 19-21, 2020 (cancelled because of COVID-19)
  • New date in 2021

Local organiser

  • Paul McIlvenny, Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University

Workshop affiliations (Aalborg)


This methods-focused workshop is a hands-on discussion of the challenges surrounding various forms of data collection, innovative use of equipment in the field and various post-production strategies in XR (e.g. virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality) for qualitative research practice and story building. It aims to serve as a state-of-the-art showcase of the various pilot research projects currently being carried out at institutions in the Nordic countries and further afield, and to kick off a network of scholars from across fields and focuses whose work overlaps, interacts and together pushes boundaries. The workshop begins with short introductions to participants’ XR-related research projects – and specifically aspects of method, methodology and research practice. From here, the workshop will break into small groups to discuss some of the transdisciplinary affordances and challenges raised in the first session. On the second day, there will be real-time demonstrations of several cutting-edge uses of technology in research and non-academic practice, followed by an afternoon dedicated to getting everyone out into the field (several fieldsites, in fact) for hands-on use of each others’ methods and toolkits. On the third day, everyone will come together about lessons learned over the first two days, map out paths forward for the field, and collaboratively plan the network’s subsequent workshop (Stockholm, 2021). Participants are invited from across the fields of ethnomethodological conversation analysis, cultural anthropology, human geography, the environmental humanities, interaction design, computer-supported cooperative learning and computer engineering, among other fields. Potential topics to be discussed include: mobile methods such as video-walks, ride-alongs and go-along interviews (both in urban and nature contexts); constructive research, which builds the interactive technological component providing the immersive user experience; design ethnography, in which ethnographic data collection informs the building of a digital artefact; participatory ethnography and participatory mapping techniques; and various post-production tools for editing and rendering XR films and XR videos for analysis.


The workshop is primarily for Nordic PhD students and scholars in the workshop network, consisting primarily of members from the Oulu, Stockholm and Aalborg nodes. Participation is by invitation-only. A limited number of places are available for scholars not in the current network whose research is highly relevant to the workshop series.